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25 Reasons You Should Attend User Group 2014

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It's official: Registration for User Group 2014 has opened! In celebration of IQMS' 25th anniversary, we have compiled a list of the top 25 reasons you don't want to miss this conference. Jam-packed with strategic guidance, tips and tricks, best practices, software development and dynamic networking, you are certain to leave with actionable takeaways to maximize your software utilization. So without further ado, here are the top 25 reasons you should attend User Group 2014:

RIP Windows XP (10/25/2001 - 4/8/2014)

RIP Windows XP resized 600

I am sure that anyone reading this right now has heard that Windows XP has come to the end of the road. Microsoft is putting its longest running consumer version of Windows out to pasture after 12 years of service. With all the news out on the Internet, one would think that the world is ending come April 8th. So what does the end of support really mean for the user who is still using Windows XP on April 9th? There are two major issues that need to be considered with the end of support of Windows XP. Both need to be understood within the context of usage of the operating system (OS) in each situation.

Keeping Your Manufacturing Plant Lean in 2014

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What comes to mind when you hear the word "lean?" Being a few months into 2014, what you might think of is that New Year's resolution that you've already given up on. However, if you're in manufacturing, one area that is at the top of your "lean" list is not going to the gym, but rather inventory control. Being lean in business is the key to success and when it comes to inventory control, what better tool do you have to help you get there than your ERP system?

Why ERP Systems Fail to Perform [Whitepaper + Infographic]

Why ERP Systems Fail to Perform Whitepaper

You have invested in a new ERP system, endured the implementation process and have begun using the software to manage your business. But somewhere along the line, you start to lose momentum. Slowly, without realizing it, your employees begin reverting to their old ways and processes. Frustrations with the system surface and suddenly, you find that your ERP software is not performing as you had envisioned. As more time goes by, you realize that your ERP system is failing your needs. How did this happen?

Manufacturing and the Internet of Things: Destined for Greatness

Technology Hands resized 600

Loosely defined, the Internet of Things (IoT, for short) is the concept of connecting everything imaginable to a network so that information can be quickly and easily shared through network connections with everything else. Today, there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people in the world, resulting in a vast collection of data that can be analyzed, communicated and acted upon.

Customizable Automated Manufacturing Systems A Required Daily Vitamin

Blue Vitamin resized 600

Several years ago, I said that automation and specialized systems were a requirement for companies seeking product differentiation and profitability. Today, that statement has grown and automated systems for manufacturing companies have become the required daily vitamin for both simple and complex companies to survive. 

IQMS Quality Assurance Predictions (With Carnac the Magnificent)

Carnac the Magnificent

If you are a fan of TV shows from the 1970s, especially late night TV, then you'll remember Carnac the Magnificent. This recurring comedic character was Johnny Carson in a Swami hat. In his sketch, Carson would delight viewers by announcing the answer to a question stored in a hermetically sealed envelope that he held up to his head. He would then tear open the envelope and read the question. The answers seemed pedestrian until Carson read the question, then you giggled like you were part of an inside joke. 

A Look at IQMS' Growth: How Long Until Our Size Doubles Again?

IQMS second building

Back in late 2011, when we began the planning process for our second building at our IQMS corporate headquarters in Paso Robles, we prepared workforce projections for two years, five years and 10 years, based on our then-current headcount and our projected growth. Being conservative optimists, we decided on straight-line appreciation at 20 percent year upon year (44 percent over the first two years). When we completed the calculations and looked at all those numbers, we were excited about the prospects. The rewards of our corporate philosophy on long term decision-making were manifesting in an increasing headcount.  

Gain Industry-Specific Tools for the New Multifacturing Industry

sochi 2014 logo resized 600

My favorite element of the Olympics is the sense of brotherhood that the games impart. No matter a country's economic status, political conflicts or type of government rule, all issues are temporarily overlooked for two weeks when the world comes together in the spirit of friendship and respect (Well, mostly - this year does mark the 20th anniversary of the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan ice skating soap opera).

The Future of Technology at Home and the "Internet of Things"

samsung smart fridge

Welcome to 2014, the future is now. There are so many amazing new technologies that are coming out, as well as companies that are pushing infrastructure to support them, that we should be seeing some incredible products hitting the market in the coming year.

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