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What Benefits Should You Expect From Your ERP Maintenance Payments?

User Group 2014

When investing in an ERP software package, you are typically responsible for two charges: the initial software purchase and ongoing maintenance fees. Whether you pay annually or on a month-by-month basis, maintenance costs are traditionally a percentage of your total software purchase. Unfortunately, what you get in return for your payment varies greatly from ERP vendor to ERP vendor.

What Steps Should I Expect During My Custom Programming Experience?


Custom programming, like most things, starts with an idea. At IQMS, our manufacturers come to us with a need to automate a process that will make an everyday operation faster and easier. Together, the IQMS Automation Group collaborates with our customers to help them solidify that idea to the point where it can become reality. Once that idea has formed, what are the steps you should expect during a custom programming project?

Four Manufacturing Predictions and Trends for 2015

3D printed car

The holidays are upon us and it is time to not only think about family, food and gifts, but to also think about what the coming year will have in store for us. Not only for ourselves, but what does 2015 have in store for the manufacturing industry? Some of my 2015 "predictions" are based on market trends, some based on rumor and innuendo and some based on good, old-fashioned hopes – after all, I still like to think world peace is achievable! For now, these are the trends I believe will continue to evolve and dominate in the next 12 to 18 months.

Does Your ERP Software Come with a Turkey Pop-Up Timer?

Turkey pop-up timer

Despite the fact that the large retail stores seemed to go straight from Halloween to Christmas, we are indeed in the season of Thanksgiving. It is that time of year where the calendar days start whizzing by and pumpkin spice baked goods tempt us almost daily from the break room.

Scanners and ERP: A Look at Some of the Common Considerations

Barcode scan

One of the most frequent questions we get asked in the IQMS Hardware Division is, "What scanner works with EnterpriseIQ?" 

Meet Risk Management's New Sidekick: Your ERP Solution

risksign resized 600

Every day, we take steps to mitigate risk in our daily lives. We wear our seat belts when in the car. We exercise regularly (well, semi-regularly) to keep healthy. We apply sunscreen before we head to the beach. We carpool and recycle to fight climate change.

IQMS Celebrates the Veterans Working in Our Manufacturing Industry

american flag resized 600

Today, Americans across the nation are celebrating the countless veterans who have served our country. And we are not alone. Veterans Day in the United States coincides with other holidays across the world, such as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, to mark the formal end of World War I on November 11, 1918.

How Can IQMS Make the ERP Software Work Harder For You?

UG2014 Thursday Afternoon 002 resized 600

I recently had the privilege of being a presenter at our 2014 User Group conference this past October. As I sat in the Grand Ballroom on Day 1, listening to our IQMS directors present their departments' achievements, I was impressed. However, once I heard the stories from our IQMS Manufacturing Success Award finalists, I was in awe. I was blown away by the humility and the ingenuity that our customers shared with all of us, and I felt very proud to serve our customer base.

Four of the Most Haunted Manufacturing Facilities in the U.S.

Remington Arms resized 600

Let's be honest: Old manufacturing facilities are creepy. Relics of a rapidly disappearing industrial past, giant dilapidated plants can be found throughout the United States. The eerie shop floor interiors, row after row of columns supporting vacant warehouses and abandoned ancient machines left to rust away all mix together to create a frightening  (and sometimes haunted!) place.  


Stop Trying to Integrate Your Shop Floor MES and ERP Solutions

stressed businessman resized 600

It seems like one of the recent trends in ERP software functionality is a renewed focus on shop floor control. This trend has prompted many ERP companies to begin selling third-party shop floor systems that are "integrated" with their ERP software.

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