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6 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Workload

Posted by Liz Alflen on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 10:23 AM

PapersConstantly striving to learn and improve, IQMS' management team follows a wide variety of blogs written by industry and subject matter experts. Over the past year, we have been struck by a number of articles that we feel need to be shared with our readers. From topics we consider very important to columns that we found inspirational or simply couldn't have said better ourselves, this new blog series is devoted to some of our favorite writers. We hope you enjoy the articles as much as we did.

Our first submission is from Director of Administration and Human Resources, Liz Alflen:
"Big data can lead to information overload. Information overload contributes to stress. So in this age of constant information and real-time data, how do you deal with personal and professional overload? This article suggests that the solution lies in attention management, or better ways to slice and dice your workload. Hopefully with tips like these, we can begin reducing some of the stress in our daily lives."

Slice Through Overwhelming Workloads
By Don Maruska, Chief Development Officer at Take Charge of Your Talent, and CEO of Don Maruska & Company, Inc.  

Summary: Sometimes professional and personal responsibilities can feel like they are spiraling out of control, leading to stress, burnout and negative effects on our overall health. The most commonly discussed aspects of workload management are setting priorities and learning to delegate, but a third commonly overlooked element, attention management, can effectively help you prevent that loss of productivity. In his blog, Don Maruska offers six tips to effectively manage your workload and increase your overall happiness.

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