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How Do We Get the Youth of Today Interested in Manufacturing?

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 @ 08:33 AM

Youth in manufacturingConstantly striving to learn and improve, IQMS' management team follows a wide variety of blogs written by industry and subject matter experts. Over the past year, we have been struck by a number of articles that we feel need to be shared with our readers. From topics we consider very important to columns that we found inspirational or simply couldn't have said better ourselves, this new blog series is devoted to some of our favorite writers. We hope you enjoy the articles as much as we did.

Today's submission is from Director of Marketing, Daniele Fresca:
"I am often at manufacturing events and 100 percent of the time, the conversation will eventually come around to the big question of, “How do we get the youth of today to be interested in the manufacturing of tomorrow?” It is a critical requirement that many think will be taken care of by someone else. We should all think about little ways that we can do our part."

How to Spark Interest in Manufacturing Among Our Youth
By Karen Norheim, Executive Vice President at the American Crane and Equipment Corporation 

Summary: It takes every one of us in manufacturing to ensure that there is a next generation of skilled workers. But how can you make a difference? Karen Norheim offers examples of how you can start small in your own circle of friends, family and community to fan the flames of interest. But to be successful, we all must start. 

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