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It’s Time for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers to Reclaim Innovation

Posted by Shannon Holloway on Thu, Jan 29, 2015 @ 08:32 AM

draw lightbulbConstantly striving to learn and improve, IQMS' management team follows a wide variety of blogs written by industry and subject matter experts. Over the past year, we have been struck by a number of articles that we feel need to be shared with our readers. From topics we consider very important to columns that we found inspirational or simply couldn't have said better ourselves, this new blog series is devoted to some of our favorite writers. We hope you enjoy the articles as much as we did.

Today's submission is from Director of Product Education & Support, Shannon Holloway:
"I like this simple, down-to-earth approach to innovation. I agree with the blogger that innovation has turned into an intimidating word that causes many of us to over think what we are trying to do. By keeping it simple, thinking outside the box, and having an open mind, we often find our most innovative ideas that don’t break the bank."

Reclaiming "Innovation" for Small- and Mid-Sized Manufacturers

By Mike Simpson, Director of System Operations for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) System of Centers 

Summary: Innovation is becoming an overused word. Many manufacturers think of innovation as high-tech inventions and modern technological advancements. But innovation is easier than you think! No particular size of company owns innovation, so if you’re a small- or mid-sized company, you too can be innovative and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We can’t always beat our foreign competitors on price, but we can beat them in quality, creativity and customer service through innovation. Click here to read more. 

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