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Executive Forum Inspires with Manufacturing Approaches to Success

Posted by George Korn on Mon, Feb 09, 2015 @ 09:16 AM

Motivational Manufacturing Monday logoLast week I had the pleasure of attending the Plastics News Executive Forum at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas. The event had a lot of great speakers and information and a very intimate group size. The event covered many facets, but two things really stood out to me in this trip. 

The first was a 5K Fun Run held on the last night between the end of the speakers and the awards dinner. To me, this was a refreshing approach and spoke to my interests. I was surprised that double digit attendance occurred for the run and everyone was so great about supporting it, even if they were not attending. 

For many of you who travel constantly and work hard, you know that being healthy on the road is a difficult thing. Motivation on a hotel treadmill where there are only two pieces of equipment in small room is a tough choice when you can more easily go to get a drink and eat at some fun place. Plastics News not only promoted good health but stood behind this and motivated attendees to get socially active. 

The run was a simple get together and held at an easy pace for people to converse and learn more about each other. I met several people and we spoke about everything from their running times to what business they were in today. It was the old fashioned way of getting to know people by speaking to them directly instead of using other media or a forced sit down, and it was great!

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The other inspiring aspect of last week was that the businesses who attended had awesome approaches to success and showed such pride and value in each of their companies. They all spoke about the need to involve and respect their employees from top to bottom while maintaining a high amount of success. The theme seemed to be that employees were family and the better the family worked together, the more successful the entire operation would be and it shows as all the attendees have outstanding companies. 

The Executive Forum hands out awards for Processor of the Year, Sustained Excellence and Best Places to Work. While many IQMS customers were nominated and some won the awards, the theme of company culture, striving for excellence and all around high standards just beamed through and through. Tom Duffey of Plastics Components, Inc. graciously accepted the award for Sustained Excellence and spoke about how each nominated company had taken the awards seriously and truly wanted to win.

I would love to hear how you involve you staff and what you do to motivate them to help your company be the best. 

“Do not be upset by the results you did not get from the work you did not do!”

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