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Avoid Running Blind When Implementing a New ERP Solution

Posted by George Korn on Mon, Mar 02, 2015 @ 12:59 PM

Motivational Manufacturing MondaysFor those of you who don’t know me, I am an avid runner and cyclist. I try to make time daily, early in the morning, to get in a run and on the weekends, I go for a long run or ride.  Since we moved to a new home recently, I am not nearly as familiar with the terrain and I am trying to pick my new routes.

Over the weekend, I made a mistake and went running without my contacts or glasses (I’m like Mr. Magoo without them). This was definitely a problem as I ran through back road areas and into some open space forest areas as well. I was having trouble seeing my next steps and constantly stepping into soft spots, holes and just uneven ground. I was lucky that I did not get a sprained ankle or worse. Because I run routinely and am well prepared, I went in thinking that my normal way would carry me through.

I did make it to the end of the run, but I could have been far more efficient. It got me to thinking about how people conduct their businesses when preparing for a new ERP system. I hear people say that they have been through so many before that they know what to expect.  While that is true, they are still coming in “blind” and only applying their past knowledge to a new product/project.

Keeping your eyes open not only applies to new implementations, but to continual improvement as well. For example, there are many new features that IQMS has developed, but the only real way to take advantage of them is to put on your glasses and really look at the product. Today, we have many customers going through an IQMS Enterprise Application Analysis (EAA) so they can truly take advantage of our system and find new efficient ways to use the IQMS tool.

The same is necessary for a new project. Coming in with an open mind and seeing the options clearly will lead you down paths that will help your business. As for me, I ran the same route the next day and realized I missed some amazing places and better paths all because I went in “blind.”

Have you been through a few implementations where someone kept their blinders on? I would love to hear more about your experiences.

“Don’t avoid the hills! In running, in cycling and in life. Strength is found when you tackle the seemly impossible!”

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