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CRM Lets You Let It Go

Posted by Tina Jolicoeur on Thu, Mar 04, 2010 @ 12:44 PM

The freedom to let it go.  That's what I gave myself last month.  ‘It' is the pressure I used to have professionally and personally to remember it all.  But starting last month I enter everything in IQMS' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module and I can view it whenever I want using the new EIQ Blackberry.  It has literally changed my life for the better, I don't worry anymore that I've forgotten
a task or meeting.  I go to sleep easier and I wake up without worry.

I've been using CRM software in one form or another for about 17 years.  I've been using IQMS' CRM for almost 10 years.  That's almost as long as I've been at IQMS
and the reason they weren't using it before I was hired is because IQMS hadn't developed it yet.  Early in my career at IQMS the Technical Support department, Sales, Training, other departments and the developers got together and decided an integrated CRM module would be easier for all of us to use in the long run because we can develop it, we can use it, we can access other EIQ modules from it, we can
develop it some more and so on.  Speaking for myself, I think one of the greatest successes of the IQMS CRM module is that it works so well we take it for granted.  All of the IQMS employees use it, everyday, all day.  And its ease of use and ability to track just about any activity you can think of, truly frees up your mind and your time.

As I get older I have to write things down, I wasn't always like this, I remembered phone numbers, birthdays, tasks I needed to complete, the status of customers' issues, what I needed to buy at the grocery store and where I hid this year's Christmas presents.  Not anymore.  Yes, it takes a few minutes to use CRM to update my customer call notes, enter in meetings (we use recurring weekly and monthly meetings which is very handy), add my hair appointment, my daughter's high school game dates, and even my grocery list.  But it doesn't take any more time than if I wrote it down in a planner or a piece of paper that can get lost; and now it's in there for good and CRM reminds me when I have these events, customers to call, tasks to complete and the most beautiful thing now is I can see this on my Blackberry which means I don't have to be near a computer or even in the office.  It gets better because the EIQ Blackberry is fully interactive and integrated, so I can enter these same notes, meetings, etc. right on my Blackberry, I don't have to be logged in to CRM on a computer.

I was not and am not addicted to my Blackberry, as a matter of fact until IQMS released EIQ Blackberry I didn't even want one.  But when I saw what IQMS was planning with CRM and EIQ Blackberry I had an epiphany; I can enter ‘it', let ‘it' go and I will be reminded to do ‘it' when ‘it' needs to get done and I don't have to be near a computer for all of it to work!  There are so many other features of CRM
and EIQ Blackberry modules that I haven't even detailed here.   For example, you can view inventory availability and approve your workflows right from EIQ Blackberry.  For now I'm using it to organize my life, and I am free to leave my desk and free to let ‘it' go.

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