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Employee Self-Help Helps Employers Too

Posted by Tina Jolicoeur on Wed, Apr 21, 2010 @ 02:13 PM

Any employer knows it takes a lot of time out of every week to manage their employees' Human Resources and Payroll needs, and every year with new laws and tax changes it seems to take even more time.  Some companies have entire departments devoted to HR and Payroll while many others, the majority it seems, have their managers, supervisors and employees wearing many hats, only one of them being HR/Payroll.  Wouldn't it be great to free up some of that time to devote yourselves to turning a profit rather than answering the same questions over and over again?

How much vacation time do I have left to take?  Did you enter my address change?  When does my training certification expire?  What is my deduction for my 401K?  My boyfriend and I are back together and he says if I really love him I will make him my emergency contact, can I change it, again?  Wouldn't it be great to be able to share this information with the employee requesting it without any involvement from you?

This is where the new EnterpriseIQ Employee Portal steps in and assists both Human Resources and employees by allowing the employee to view and even edit some of their employment information.

Through the Employee Portal employees may view their employment information such as their date of hire, job title, etc.  They may view and edit their mailing address.  They may also view human resources information such as birth date, marital status, etc.  The employees can even view their dependents and beneficiary information and edit their beneficiaries.  And yes, they can view their  emergency contact and edit when necessary without any HR involvement.
Employees may also view the tax codes currently applied to their paychecks along with any additional taxes deducted from each paycheck and the marital status for the tax codes.  They can view their deductions, like 401K, and they can change their beneficiary for the deductions.  They can ensure their training certifications are up to date and plan on getting retraining before their certification and training items expire.

And finally employees may view their vacation accrual status, including hours accrued, hours taken and hours available per year.

All of this is available to IQMS customers as an enhancement to the Payroll and/or Workforce modules.  It requires an Apache connection that many customers already use for WMSIQ and WebDirect.  The information is secure, the users log in with their EnterpriseIQ user name and password.  The data from the Payroll and/or Workforce modules is accessed in real time, and if the employee modifies data, it's written immediately to the database without any Human Resources or Payroll involvement. Alerts can be set up if HR or Payroll would like to be notified when a record has been modified.

Regardless of the number of employees you have dedicated to Human Resources and Payroll, the EnterpriseIQ Employee Portal is a time saver.

How are existing manufacturing facilities handling employee changes now?  Is your manufacturing ERP system helping in this area?

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