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Posted by Neil Gow on Tue, May 18, 2010 @ 05:03 AM

What an exciting time to be involved in software development! Right now the economy is tough, but we can't rest and wait for things to get better. Here at IQMS headquarters in Paso Robles, California the development team is pushing forward and creating our own destiny. Some of the most extraordinary new ideas are coming to fruition as we explore the possibilities.

Last year we introduced the RealTime LightStick to bring visibility and awareness to the plant floor. It doesn't matter if you are using Wired or Wireless RealTime. EnterpriseIQ can give the entire plant a look at what is running "lean" or not. With a glance at the Work Center everyone will instantly know if a machine is down, running standard, or faster/slower than standard! If the red light is blinking it means the work order has been completed. It can also be used as a call for technical help, just push a button and the LightStick scrolls through all the colors, attracting attention right away. Once you respond and cancel the call you can address the situation whatever it is!

What is even more exiting is that some of the best ideas come right from you the customer! A new LightStick status shows a flashing yellow light which indicates the scrap is exceeding the allowable scrap percentage on the Bill Of Material (BOM). Great customer input! This is now available for both Wired and Wireless RealTime users.

For those of you who have EnterpriseIQ ERP systems you know we work very hard to accommodate the ideas brought to us. This is all made possible through Community Server. Our online forum allows the customer to submit a software development request and if it is feasible, everyone who is paying attention gets to vote on the change. So if it works for you, great! If not, then chime in and voice your concern to both IQMS and the rest of the customers! Our management staff and the primary designers are watching Community Server for more of the ideas that meet your needs for today's competitive manufacturing world.

I'm thrilled to say my next blog will be regarding the newest idea to come from IQMS. I won't say anymore right now, but don't miss it! Its full of ideas from you!

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