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Manufacturing ERP and Technology Spending

Posted by Glenn Nowak on Thu, Oct 14, 2010 @ 05:49 AM

recession resized 600With all the talk of the double dip recession that is expected to hit and the reporting of lower than expectation sales numbers by Manufacturing ERP and technology companies blamed on the down economy, we at IQMS are still seeing strong demand from existing customers and new customers coming on line. What this means to me is that the strong companies who have invested in solid technology are doing well and the weaker companies are being weeded out by the down economy.

What we at IQMS are seeing in purchasing from our existing customers is that they are adding additional technology and modules that make them more efficient. The module which is most popular at present is our Quality module that tracks Corrective Actions, Engineering Change, Material Review and Deviations. Other modules that are popular are the customer, supplier & employee self service portal and EDI modules that significantly reduce the overhead associated with customer service and order entry.

We have also seen growth in the number of user licenses at existing customers which means they are expanding their workforces even in the down economy. Several customers that I have spoken to recently said they had their best months for sales ever in August 2010. They must be doing something right and its nice when they acknowledge how helpful the EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP system has been in supporting their growth.

The IQMS Automation Group which does IQMS custom programming related to interfaces with PLCs, machine controllers and other devices on the shop floor is constantly kept busy and is growing quickly. One of the important aspects of these custom developments is to make them flexible enough to work for multiple customers with slight tweaks to the code. This makes the development costs lower for customers as IQMS can make the return on our investment by reselling the applications to other customers. It is a nice formula and something that has worked well for IQMS over the years.

While things are going very well for IQMS in 2010, there is still more than a little trepidation in our customer's purchasing so they are looking long and hard prior to the purchases to make sure the module or capability will allow them to reduce their costs. What help us significantly is that many of them have worked with IQMS for years and know we stand behind the sofware we deliver so it makes the decision easier for them.

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