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Online Manufacturing ERP Videos Can Be Helpful

Posted by Tina Jolicoeur on Fri, Dec 03, 2010 @ 06:02 AM

elearningI've recently used three online videos, it's become so common I'm almost starting to take it for granted that I'll find what I need.  Here are some examples:

  1. I recently purchased a utility wagon; I saw the wagon in a Sunday circular ad and prior to my purchase I watched a video on how to fold and unfold the wagon.  The video sold me. I immediately drove to the store and made my purchase. Due to the video, I was able to unfold the wagon, roll it out of the store and fold it and put it in my car, all the while looking like I knew what I was doing.
  2. I didn't want to bother anyone in the office with help on a project, so I watched a YouTube video to learn how to create a macro in Excel.
  3. I was browsing through my favorite fashion magazine, InStyle, and came across an article with links to several useful and entertaining hair and make-up online tutorials.

You name it, you can learn how to do it or use it on the internet. After reading the InStyle article and viewing some of the videos I started to think of all of the opportunities businesses have now to post free educational videos to demonstrate the ease of use of their products and how fun they are to use. Educational videos can also be used internally by companies as supplemental training, especially videos on how to use Manufacturing ERP software, the internal phone system, general machinery operation, etc...  Anything that can be recorded and demonstrated to new employees by viewing an online video, whenever it's convenient, saves time and money. 

IQMS has been posting videos on how to use modules in their Customer Login section of their website for a long time.  In the new era of transparency, recently IQMS has even posted videos to its general website and YouTube, so even if you aren't a customer you can get a good look at several areas of the manufacturing ERP software, EnterpriseIQ, prior to receiving a demonstration.  If you have a new employee using EnterpriseIQ software you can have them familiarize themselves with many areas of the software just by watching the videos.  There are videos on basic navigation, Assembly Data, Smart Page, Quality Audit and many more. The viewer can pause the video and utilize their own data to practice what they are learning.

Of course, nothing can beat either live training or training via an internet connection, but for a general overview these videos are very handy. IQMS also posts webinar videos, which lean more toward an overview than a how-to video and it allows customers and prospects to see how a module works prior to purchasing it or before talking to a salesperson about it.  If you are a visual person like me, take advantage of learning a thing or two utilizing online videos, sometimes the 'video is better than the book' (or user's manual).

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