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IQMS User Group 2010 (Great Expectations in Manufacturing Systems)

Posted by Liz Alflen on Thu, Jan 27, 2011 @ 07:10 AM

  Iqftp docs Marketing Pictures Mktg Images idea bulb LABlog resized 600IQMS has everything to be proud of:  a terrific ERP product (EnterpriseIQ), a loyal customer base, financial stability and a staff of experienced professionals dedicated to our customers’ business information management needs.  We all work hard and take our responsibilities seriously.  We’re intense.  And we expect to change the world, or at least, lead the world into the new economy. 

At our bi-annual User Group meetings, it’s great to see our loyal long-term customers join with recently converted accounts in discussion about systems, functionality and applications.  Everyone in attendance is ready, excited with expectations and brimming with ideas.  Attendees with a cause to collaborate are prepared with their persuasion points and discussion topics.  Every opportunity to talk to a manufacturing industry colleague or IQMS team member is an opportunity to learn something or discuss an application or promote an idea.  From every direction comes new ideas and new approaches to solve every level of issue on the Pareto bar chart.  Everyone in attendance is intense and serious about business.

Manufacturing is “lean” for sure, with everyone wearing multiple hats and applying every effort to get the job done, faster, better and with fewer resources.  The reward?   We are now in a position to change the world.  It’s meaningful;  it matters.

At this most recent event, we talked about all our interconnected relationships, the integration of our businesses and our lives, the information and technology needs, and how the world economy has affected all of us.  Upon returning to my in-house duties, I found Holly Green’s section on inspiration from "More Than a Minute: How to Be an Effective Leader and Manager in Today’s Changing World," to resonate.  The rules of engagement are the same as in HR:  we are all both internal customers and external customers.  What Holly promotes is the heart of the customer experience at each and every User Group Meeting:

  • Share a compelling vision of what tomorrow looks like
  • Share your own story
  • Communicate with enthusiasm and passion
  • Solicit input
  • Share positive feedback
  • Celebrate achievement

We’re all tired and happy when we return to our offices and facilities.  We’re happy to get back to work, to share the vision with our teams and celebrate our victories.  IQMS – the people and the customers, with tools like EnterpriseIQ - can and will change the world.

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