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IQMS Professional Services Group 2011 in Review

Posted by Lee Filbert on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 @ 09:21 AM

IQMS PSG TrainingAs we approach the end of 2011, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the developments that have happened with the Professional Services Group at IQMS. 

As IQMS continues to grow, the Professional Services Group (PSG) has also naturally expanded its team by 30 percent to meet the growing demand for our services. The new team members all have a wealth of experience in manufacturing, consulting and software system implementations. 

All new members of the IQMS Professional Services team undergo a rigorous 90 day training and certification period at our corporate offices. They are trained and certified on the latest software offerings from IQMS. Classroom knowledge is the foundation of our training program, and to build upon that, the new PSG team members travel with our veteran staff to active implementation accounts. These shadow events allow the new employees to see how EnterpriseIQ is implemented at our customers' sites. All new team members shadow project kick offs, “go-lives” and interim visits.

The Professional Services team has also instituted a continuing education program. This program ensures our team members are up to speed on new modules, revision enhancements and specialized modules in IQMS' manufacturing ERP software, EnterpriseIQ. With hundreds of enhancements added to each new version of EnterpriseIQ, we need to keep our PSG team up to date on the latest and greatest software and hardware offerings from IQMS.

We have recently started to have regular conference calls with key members of the development team to cover new features and functionality that will be coming up in future versions of the software. This helps the PSG team to prepare new customers for future enhancements that will benefit them in the long run. It also provides a sounding board for the development team to receive feedback on the new enhancements from the folks in the field.

Other 2011 departmental improvements include:

  • Developing better forecasting systems to plan for expansion due to an increase in demand for services. This also ensures that we will have capacity available for new accounts that need to move quickly and for existing customers that are looking for on site assistance.
  • More frequent team meetings. By meeting more often in person and via teleconference, team members share ideas on how to implement best practice solutions.
  • Added focused personnel to perform on site system updates to Oracle and EnterpriseIQ. This alleviates demand on the PSG team.
  • Added personnel in Europe to support our growing demand for EnterpriseIQ in Europe.

As we move into the New Year, we will continue to look at ways to improve our professional services group offerings.

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