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IQMS Concludes Another Record Year of Growth and Profitability

Posted by Glenn Nowak on Tue, Feb 07, 2012 @ 09:14 AM

IQMS 2011 GrowthIQMS had a record year in 2011, both in revenue and in the number of new customer licenses. IQMS' organic growth demonstrates that the demand for manufacturing ERP systems that meet customer expectations is going strong and further shows the continued acceptance of IQMS as a system of choice in the mid-market ERP software space. The expansion of IQMS' customer base in metals related manufacturing was a highlight, with three of our four largest ERP system sales occurring in the stamping industry.

The release in 2011 of additional mobile ERP applications for Android-based tablets and smart phones also shows IQMS' commitment to meeting customer needs and wants through our continuous customer driven technology development. In 2011, IQMS also continued to close the gap in ERP MES integration with projects done by our Automation team, including PLC-based process and machine monitoring that is allowing even more access to ERP data on the shop floor.

With the release of new ERP applications, along with the customer driven enhancements to the existing suite of enterprise software modules, IQMS realized an impressive 40 percent of software revenue from expansion of existing customers through additional module and user licensing purchases.

Much of this additional software purchasing was related to continued adoption of the full EnterpriseIQ suite of products and the discontinuance of legacy third-party application software. This points out two things:

  1. IQMS' customer base is healthy and expanding
  2. IQMS' customers are happy with their ERP systems and the direction IQMS is heading with its technology and software development

IQMS has a lot in store for 2012, including plans for a second 30,000 square foot building, our highly anticipated User Group conference and multiple ERP MES shop floor automation projects in development.

For more information about IQMS' 2011 performance, please view our 2011 End of Year press release:

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