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Growth and Mission Statement Evolution at IQMS

Posted by Randy Flamm on Thu, Apr 05, 2012 @ 09:40 AM

IQMS Corporate OfficeIQMS is growing. This year, IQMS was selected by Inc. magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies. We’ve also increased our staffing in all departments by at least 20 percent. Our projections indicate that much more growth is on the horizon.

As a result of this high rate of hiring, we have started working on the design of our headquarters' campus. The campus will occupy 15 acres and will be built in phases. The first phase was completed in 2006 and included our first award winning building. Phase 2 construction will begin in 2012 and will consist of the second building.

We have contracted with RRM Design Group to do the heavy work of civil engineering, architecture and landscape planning. Part of their design program is to interview key staff to understand how we work together and what is important to us. They also wanted to review our corporate mission statement and core values.

It’s been years since our mission statement has been reviewed and I wanted to take the time to see how it may have evolved. First I wanted to review what we are trying to achieve by stating our vision for the future, our current mission and our core values. I thought it best to understand the definitions and purpose of the statements.

A vivid guiding image of the organization’s desired future. The vision statement is the ultimate picture of what leadership envisions for the organization. The key to a solid vision is one that conjures up a similar picture for each member of the organization. 

Specifies what activities the organization intends to pursue and what course management has charted for the future. It provides a general outline of how the organization will achieve the vision. Including:

  • Who the company is
  • What the company does
  • Who the company’s customers are

Describes what is important to an organization and often dictates employee behavior. Sometimes formalized. Management takes pains to ensure that all employees understand and share the values of the organization. 

With these definitions and purpose in mind, the IQMS vision, mission and values statements are:

IQMS will surpass our customers’ requirements and expectations through innovative design and execution of products and services. With a focus on relationships, IQMS will build a sustainable enterprise benefiting the community, our clients and our employees. 

IQMS is an innovative, agile software provider utilizing cutting-edge technology and tools to develop customer and industry solutions for manufacturers worldwide. IQMS is committed to our customers’ success by providing software, services, support, training and consulting that will improve efficiencies and help them become world-class leaders. 

IQMS achieves success by building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our employees, customers, vendors and partners by:

  • Developing trust and supporting goals
  • Achieving measurable results  
  • Encouraging the capabilities and success of our employees

IQMS’ philanthropic mission focuses on:

  • Measurable contributions to our community, both locally and worldwide
  • Advancing and encouraging the education, skills and ambition of the youth in our community

The cornerstone of IQMS’ success rests on its founding values of:

  • Accountability for its values, product and clients
  • An ongoing, proactive commitment to positive customer relationships
  • Forward thinking for best results and measurable success
  • Performance driven, rather than business driven, to do things the right way, not the easy way
  • Stability

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