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ERP Software Selection Whitepaper: Become a Manufacturing ERP Sleuth

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Tue, Apr 24, 2012 @ 10:12 AM

In our new whitepaper titled, “Become an ERP Sleuth. Do Your Due Diligence When Selecting a New ERP Vendor,” IQMS reveals the secrets behind finding the best fit when selecting a new ERP partner. Inside the paper, you will find a necessary list of clues that should be examined when researching potential new ERP vendors, such as: 

  • Searching for lawsuits
  • Investigating references
  • Verifying vendor stability and longevity
  • Inspecting for bait and switch
  • And so much more 

Selecting an ERP partner is not a decision to be made lightly and it will affect your business for years to come. So grab your magnifying glass, open up our new whitepaper and get sleuthing for an ERP vendor for life.

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