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Electronic Document Control: Meet Compliance and Increase Efficiency

Posted by Liz Alflen on Thu, May 10, 2012 @ 08:52 AM

drive thru window… And do you want Document Control with that?

Ordering up the right information when you need it, in the format you need it, with the confidence you expect to have, can be challenging in the breadth of a manufacturing environment. A good manufacturing ERP software system provides the key performance indicators you need, the executive dashboard you want and the information processing required to run an efficient organization from sales to shipping. But what about all those associated documents? Material data sheets, CAD renderings, human resources information, sales contracts: no one enjoys looking at rows of binders and manuals or locked drawers, pawing through miles of files, trying to decipher someone else’s naming convention or filing methodology. 

Be sure to order a fully integrated Document Control system with that.

Information is key to any decision making process and proper detailed information is imperative. An electronic Document Control system puts access to all that reference information at your convenience. From customer records to inventory to human resources, documents can be easily retained, controlled and distributed for review and authorization. Managing any regulatory requirements can become a full-time job. It’s much easier to meet compliance, and much more efficient, using an electronic system. 

EnterpriseIQ from IQMS offers attached documents, with optional controlled libraries, in all areas of the enterprise-wide system. Individual documents can be linked to specific records, while access to all document control libraries is available from any module. Primary access to document control is available through the quality management area of the software, providing secure setup of libraries and team members, review and authorization approvals and revision tracking. Library team members can be employees, vendors, customers or partners. Color-coded visual indicators help identify status such as pending, released, checked out, expired or missing documents. 

With Internet/email enabled workflow tools, collaboration and authorization are easy. A secure workflow-enabled approval process ensures the integrity of electronic signatures. Users can electronically route, track and approve documents from requisitions to quality management applications, engineering change orders, even manufacturing setup instructions, providing a complete audit trail of approvals, rejections and document corrections.

In addition, the database repository allows for instant, comprehensive search capabilities across all data, including indexed searches, fuzzy searches and thesaurus searching. Further, with an enterprise-based document control library, any authorized system user can access the documents at any time. No need for storage space; it’s all stored electronically. 

Why stop short of complete functionality for your documentation needs? Put in an order for Document Control with that. 

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