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IQMS User Group 2012 - Day 2 Recap

Posted by Nicole Smith on Wed, Oct 17, 2012 @ 06:40 PM

User Group NetworkingEditor’s Note: Nicole Smith is the Marketing Associate at IQMS and this is part two of a three days series chronicling her experiences at User Group 2012 [Read part one here].

Today’s User Group 2012 schedule (#IQMSUG2012) was focused completely on the breakout sessions. At every User Group event, IQMS wants to be sure and offer the maximum benefits to our attendees, so back in February, we surveyed our customers to get feedback on what they wanted to see and discuss at this year’s event. Based on the responses, IQMS tailored the User Group sessions to feature the most popular survey subjects and modules.

IQMS prides itself on listening to our clients and User Group is one of our customers’ premier opportunities to offer development enhancements and discuss suggestions with key IQMS personnel on our manufacturing ERP software, EnterpriseIQ. In sessions devoted to quality, inventory, CRM, EDI, MES, accounting and a myriad of other topics, our customers interacted with IQMS team members to have their suggestions heard, discussed in detail and even voted on by other fellow manufacturers! The electronic equivalent of reams of notes were taken to be brought back to our corporate headquarters in Paso Robles for consideration and development.

I wasn’t able to sit in all the sessions, but the ones I attended were productive and informative, with customers offering suggestions for change, then immediately receiving feedback on their recommendations and learning more about why IQMS makes the decisions we do. I know that our developers will be busy when we return!

This year, IQMS added a new track to our conference schedule. In addition to the regular tracks that cover software enhancement, training and best use practices, we added a fourth track focused specifically on our Automation Group and some of their recent developments. Throughout the day, attendees could sit in and learn about Shipping Manager, our RTStation shop floor control device and the new mobile tablet apps, while also getting the opportunity to play work with the devices and see them in action. These sessions were very popular!

While larger group sessions are the more standard way to run a conference, IQMS realizes that our customers also have specific, personal questions they would like to ask, so we offer the opportunity at User Group to meet with IQMS employees for one-on-one assistance. Throughout the day at the Professional Services Group (PSG) Help Desk or the Sales Demo Desk, clients were receiving support specific to their unique processes and learning about increased functionality to solve a challenge they may be experiencing.

The last two days at User Group have flown by! I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. If you attended User Group today, what session was your favorite and why?


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