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An IQMS Employee Perspective: The Best Marriage I’ve Ever Had

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 09:45 AM

Gabby MorrisThis week’s blog post was written by Training Specialist, Gabby Morris. Gabby recently celebrated her 12th year with IQMS and has helped, advised and celebrated the successes of hundreds of customers and employees with her compassion and talents.

In this day and age, we have just about come full circle with phrases such as, “built to last,” “trade in for a newer model,” “new and improved,” and then finally, “recycle/reuse.” I would like to propose a new concept: “Continuous Progress.”

It seemed that for a while, everything was disposable. If you didn’t want it, toss it. Your car, your home, even your job could be exchanged for something new. Now we are into being green (reuse, fix it and keep it). Just like anything of value, we need to take care of and maintain those things for the benefit of the “lifetime return on investment.”

So what does this have to do with My Marriage? I recently celebrated my 12th year with the growing company called IQMS. Every year that I celebrate my anniversary hire date, I often joke about this being the best marriage I’ve ever had. Truth be known, I wish all my relationships were as rewarding as the one I have with this company.

In 2001, I was hired to answer the phone and help out around the office. When there was an opening in the Technical Support Department, I was asked if I wanted to become a more permanent addition to the growing IQMS family. I accepted, knowing that I would have to earn my keep, prove my worth and face the daily challenge of growth while learning new things.

Like all new relationships, that was a challenging time. Lots of trial and error, and try some more. I assumed that once I understood all there was to know about our manufacturing ERP and MES software, EnterpriseIQ, I would be able to relax and take it easy. (Yeah, right).

I discovered that in this company, we never stop growing. We are always improving the product, we are always striving to be better as a company and better as individuals and we always learn something new every day. Continuous progress means not being stagnant. Either you grow forward or you fall back.   

What this helped me to realize about myself is that I don’t want to be complacent, nor do I want a job that doesn’t challenge me. I work in an environment where you find encouragement, support and acknowledgment. The opportunities that I have are the ability to grow, improve, contribute and continue to challenge myself. I even get paid to do that! That is a rewarding and healthy relationship. That is an ideal marriage.

Oh sure, you are saying, but what about the crabby co-worker or the boss that is difficult to please. What about the customer that wants to unload on you? What about the work load? Yes of course, that’s my job too. Just like any relationship or marriage, it’s always a work in progress. Here is where it gets real for me: I meet the challenges head on, do the best I can, try to understand others’ positions, admit and apologize when I make a mistake and know that it really does get better.

Here I am 12 years later, celebrating the best marriage I’ve ever had. So what does this have to do with a manufacturing ERP system and making your business successful?

Stick with me here, I’m about to let you in on a well tried, but least understood truth. On a personal level, happiness starts within. It grows when one gives of one’s self. On a business level, success starts within as well. Value your people, encourage them, challenge them, acknowledge and reward them. Sometimes it’s just saying thank you, or a pat on the back. Let them know what they do matters.

My current position at IQMS is as a Training Specialist. If you’ve ever sat in one of my classes, you may have heard me say something like the above: Motivate, encourage and celebrate your team. Our new company tagline says it the best: By your side, every step of the way, from start to finish. For me, the part of the tagline that is most important is the word start: By your side from the start!

With a company that puts the customers at the center, takes care of its employees like family, and promises to grow with you on your road to success, why would you want anything thing else?


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