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Improving Shop Floor Control and Transparency: The RTStation 10.1

Posted by Neil Gow on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 09:32 AM

RTStation 10.1Now that we have numerous customers using our new RTStations in their manufacturing facilities, I would like to take a moment and discuss the many uses this device offers. The second iteration of IQMS’ shop floor device, the RTStation 10.1, was soft launched a few months ago to our customers based on their valuable development feedback to the legacy RTStation (for example, the more modern version offers a larger screen (10 inch versus 7 inch) and wireless capabilities to allow more flexibility on the shop floor - Manufacturers can now mount the RTStation to a forklift for improved inventory tracking and warehouse management). Much of the success of a program like this is not possible without our customers’ valued input and it is always a great feeling to provide our users with products that resulted from their direction and feedback.

Now that we have several customers using both the legacy and new RTStations in their manufacturing facilities, I would like to remind everyone of the many uses this device offers. The RTStation is just another example of the multiplicity of tools available for all levels of employee interaction, whether on the production floor or in the highest level of executive office.

The RTStation runs on Android technology, just like the same mobile applications that our manufacturing ERP and MES software, EnterpriseIQ, delivers to your smart phones and tablets. I know in the past I have talked about understanding the tools you are using and to think in terms of, "What’s in your toolbox?" Well, this technology should become a standard for all toolboxes in the future.

How many of us are already adapting to the information available at the touch of a finger, literally?! With IQMS’ mobile technology, apps can be loaded on your RTStation that can empower the operators to perform actions such as entering downtime codes while still fresh on their minds, all but eliminating the need to remember what happened hours ago.

With an RTStation at each work center, anyone can find work instructions, leave important messages on IQLog, enter reject codes, perform quick inspections, view production on any job running and much more. Where was this stuff when I had to run around every half hour checking the machines and looking in the scrap bin to get "real-time" data?!

I mean, if this doesn't get you exited, check for a pulse, please! Due to the integrated nature of EnterpriseIQ, charts can be created in the main system and then accessed on your RTStations and other Android devices so people can watch and anticipate issues before they become disasters. Cycle times are right there in your face and you can't hide it! Your operators will become more proactive and information will become transparent across the board.

The functionality offered on the RTStation is just the beginning! IQMS’ Automation Department is actively creating new apps and looking into the future for the benefit of you, the customer, by making data accessible to every level of the company from every module we offer (OK, Neil, don't overdo it). I mean most modules: We don't need to see the Payroll module going out to every RTStation just yet!

With a combination of IQMS’ intrepid Automation team and our customers’ valuable feedback, we can dream of tomorrow today and have it ready this afternoon.


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