EnterpriseIQ is the Highest Ranking Manufacturing ERP Software that Knows Plastics

There is no truer evaluation of a manufacturing ERP software than by the people that use the system day in and day out; users with real life experience using the software to run their plastics manufacturing businesses. It is actual molders, extruders, compounders, die casters, thermoformers and more that selected EnterpriseIQ as the highest ranking software on Capterra because of our plastics specific functionality.  

EnterpriseIQ Plastics Specific Software to Enhance Productivity

  • Manufacturing ERP Software that understands the complexity of plastics manufacturingMulti-level Bills of Manufacture (BOM)
  • Multi-tool & family tool functionality
  • Regrind usage & consumption
  • Track purge, regrinds, scrap, preforms, parison/flash and more
  • Pre-defined BOMs for injection and blow molding, extrusion, compounding, thermoforming, die casting, stamping and more.
  • Define blends
  • Cavitation and ups
  • Shelf life management.

With its roots in plastics manufacturing, IQMS thoroughly understands the industry. Through its active membership in SPI, SPE and MAPP, IQMS stays current with the latest plastics issues and constantly enhances its ERP system's functionality to further streamline processes for lean manufacturing.