Take a proactive approach to minimize the risk of a  business disruption

In the wake of the recent events associated with COVID-19, organizations around the world are being forced to review and access their business continuity plans. How quickly were they able to align resources to ensure continuity of operations? How are they managing day-to-day activities? What was the financial impact?

To help manufacturing organizations create a plan that will minimize the risk of business disruptions, Gartner's recent research report, 2020 Strategic Road Map to Business Continuity Management, provides companies with recommendations and guidance to:

  • Develop a business impact analysis
  • Map critical activities
  • Create a methodology to  manage the day-to-day operations during a disruption efficiently
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

Learn how to develop a Business Continuity Plan that can help you manage disruptions and ensure future success.  

Gartner, 2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management, David Gregory, Roberta Witty, 21, February 2020.