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Change is Necessary to Achieve Business and Personal Growth

Posted by George Korn on Mon, Apr 06, 2015 @ 01:19 PM

Motivational-Manufacturing-Mondays1-resized-600The point of my weekly blog is to help motivate readers to kickstart their Mondays. Motivation is different for everyone and begins at different stages, whether it is getting you off the ground on a project or re-invigorating you to keep going. 

I love to accomplish my goals and I set new ones all the time, but the trouble I encounter is getting outside my comfort zone to make new strides. One of the ways I motivate myself is by sourcing the strength of others. For example, for my running goals, I use a site called Strava that records my runs and rides to a community of weekend warriors and then shows me my personal records and how I fare against others. It is a great way to see how far I have come or dropped and gives me extra motivation on days that I don’t feel like training.   

In business, I don’t think you should reinvent the wheel, especially if you are already successful, but change is necessary to continue to grow. Most companies I speak with are constantly striving to reach the next level and it is important to build upon successes and add new paths and skills.

A good reminder of this came to light when I spoke to someone about a potential new ERP project, but they really did not seem ready to change. When making a change, especially in ERP, you need to look ahead five years and select a system that will expand and fit your capabilities for the future, not just right now. You should be asking the question: Where can this software help us become more efficient and be more responsive to our customers?

The way that this can be accomplished is by embracing new capabilities and adding them to your business. Change is always tough, but as IQMS preaches, change must be a conscious decision that is incorporated from the office to the shop floor. Are you stuck in your old ways and looking for growth? While implementation of an ERP project can be challenging, the change can be very beneficial if you make the right choice and truly embrace the decision.

“You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.” 
-Les Brown


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