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Checking In With Universal Plastics on its Multi-Facility ERP Implementation

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Thu, May 14, 2015 @ 09:15 AM

Logos_for_Display_Pedestal_v3Universal Plastics has been in the custom thermoforming business for more than 50 years. With expertise in both heavy and thin gauge thermoforming and pressure and vacuum forming, Universal Plastics is a leading manufacturer of products such sleds and kayaks for the outdoor industry, jet engine covers for the aerospace industry, HDPE enclosures for the electronics industry and much more. Its sister company, Mayfield Plastics, specializes in thermoforming highly cosmetic, pressure-formed medical parts used in everything from medical lasers to X-ray equipment, bone density scanners, CT scan machines and MRI machines.

Universal Plastics’ Unix-based, homegrown software system had allowed the company to expand over the years. Unfortunately, Universal Plastics began to outgrow its custom system and knew it was time to invest in a new ERP solution. After researching a variety of ERP vendors, Universal Plastics selected IQMS for its comprehensive nature and industry-specific functionality.

The IQMS ERP implementation is currently wrapping up at the Mayfield Plastics facility (on schedule and on budget), so IQMS checked in with Universal Plastics about its implementation experience and success thus far:

“Our early stages of the IQMS implementation involved initial setup and launch with the help of an IQMS implementation specialist who had experience working with similar companies in the industry. With his help, we were able to launch according to plan and understand how we could improve our processes to make the most of the system’s capabilities. To support the installation, we improved our IT infrastructure to develop better communication and transfer of information between both facilities. This was completed and helps the overall business in many other ways, a nice benefit to the IQMS implementation.

We’re now in the process of adjusting our processes so we can make full use of the system’s advanced features. This will help us have better insight into our production process and be more accurate and accountable with our methods, schedules and inventories. There are many interesting features IQMS is capable of when we build a strong foundation – our goal is to thoroughly understand and develop that foundation with the continued support of IQMS. When that’s in place, we can make the most of the system’s advanced tools to help our business. 

In our experience thus far, the support has been steadfast and eager to help at each step.  We look forward to our relationship with IQMS as we build the foundation we’ve developed together and continue to improve our business as it grows.”

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