Be sure your ERP implementation is on time, on budget and delivering business benefits. Our eBook explains how.

Project Management Tips for Successful ERP Implementations

ERP implementation projects require the complex coordination of people, process, and technology. Much like a crossword puzzle, if one part is mismanaged or incorrect, the entire implementation can go off track, resulting in significant headaches and costs.Project management tools ensure ERP Success

According to Panorama Consulting Group’s 2010 ERP Report, strong ERP project management is one of the top 10 factors that differentiate successful ERP projects from those that are troubled or ultimately fail. It is critical to have this expertise on your ERP project team to make sure your implementation is successful, finishes on time and on budget, and continues to deliver business benefits. The eBook will help you:

  1. Understand project management methodologies that ensure ERP success
  2. Identify the project goals and visions and the impact on the business
  3. Encourage stakeholder cooperation and accountability
  4. Utilize collaboration techniques and tools to execute and implement the ERP plan
  5. Bring ideas to reality through careful planning, design, execution and testing
  6. Recognize potential pitfalls where ERP projects often tend to go wrong
  7. Instill project management know-how in your ERP team to support team collaboration