Does Your ERP Pass the Fit and Functionality Test That Will Support Your Growth?

They key to supporting your growth in your manufacturing company is selecting the ERP features and functions that can scale as fast as your business is growing.

ERP software audit check list

ERP software is not a one size fits all solution. So how do you determine if your new or current ERP software is the best choice for your specific manufacturing company? You need an audit tool that will help you evaluate how the fit and functionality within each solution will support the goals and growth of your manufacturing business. 

Functionality check list.  Make quick work of identifying must-have features not only in your ERP system, but MES and CRM systems as well.

Fit "Acid Test". The final factor in determining whether or not the solution can support your goals.

Download our checklist so you can be absolutely certain the ERP system you select is the right choice for your business.