Considering a new ERP system? Beware of the hidden costs that can break the bank.

The true price of a manufacturing ERP system is not the initial cost you pay for the software, but the intangible items concealed behind the costs, including: hidden-expenses-costs-of-erp-systems-delmiaworks-whitepaper-400x500

  • Service – Extra fees for implementation, and consulting can send an ERP project spiraling out of control 
  • Support – Maintenance fees may not  include product updates, unlimited live phone support? These hidden fees add up quickly.
  • Quality – The costs of third party integration can affect data quality and integrity.  Can you afford the risk? 
  • Loyalty – Does the vendor have a strong customer retention rate? You don't want to have to go through another ERP search process again another five years.
The whitepaper "Why Price Shouldn’t Be the Final Factor When Investing in Manufacturing ERP Software: The Hidden Expenses Often Found in Low Cost ERP Systems" will help you identify all the hidden costs associated with service, support, quality and loyalty.