Do your due diligence when selecting an ERP software vendor to prevent a very costly mistake

erp-due-diligence-tips-delmiaworks-whitepaper-400x500When selecting an ERP vendor, most organizations will go through an extensive review and analysis of features and functionalities.  But in many cases these are not the only factors that make or break a successful implementation.  Often times it is the less obvious information that is not always evident on the surface. 

So what does it mean to do your due diligence? What level of investigation does due diligence entail?

  1. Search for lawsuits
  2. Thoroughly investigate references
  3. Assess transparency
  4. Examine software updates
  5. Verify vendor stability and longevity
  6. Inspect for bait and switch

The IQMS whitepaper will guide you through the investigation process so you can avoid these common pitfalls and end up with an ERP vendor for life.

 The truth is out there, it is just a little less obvious for those who don’t know how to look for it.