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Posted by George Korn on Mon, Mar 09, 2015 @ 01:13 PM

Motivational-Manufacturing-Mondays1-resized-600I hope your Monday is treating you right today and you enjoyed your weekend. This past weekend, my family and I attended our little cousin's baseball game. We are trying to introduce our son to different sports to see what sticks. While at the game, I discovered that they don’t keep score or truly record any outs. The game is played so it protects everyone and every kid gets a chance to play the exact same amount. While I am strongly against bullying and making kids feel bad, I find that they are missing a crucial element to life. It is important to strive for a goal and try and win. Plus, when you lose, it is a great chance to learn.

I won’t get on my personal soapbox and talk about whether this is right or wrong, but it does bring me to business. Everyone I speak with wants to deal with winners and every company I meet with is always striving to be better. This push to succeed is the reason that I get to speak with many new companies that are growing and need new tools to make them better.

IQMS strives to be the best in our space and looks forward to helping customers be the best possible. Check out this link of IQMS customer achievements and award winners. The community of IQMS customers want to be the best and yet they still share information with each other to help make everyone more successful. I see the sharing of ideas and exchange of information on how to use the product better and business practices daily on our customer site, MyIQMS.

As for me, I will certainly teach my son the proper way to win, lose and learn from all of those experiences to be the best person he can be in life. It isn’t about winning, but about the effort you put into the game, business and life that will lead to success. I hope to continue to help lead my customers to success by aiding them with the right tools and community of knowledge that IQMS has to offer. 

"When healthy competition prevails – you come out to play and you play to win."
– Lorii Myers



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