Passion for Quality Drives Growth [On-Demand Webinar]

Webinar: Passion for Quality Drives Growth for Accumold

Accumold is a global leader in the field of Micro-Mold® Manufacturing Solutions, providing highly engineered micro components with tight tolerances and tough geometries.  Their passion for quality is what gets their customers to return and is the key growth driver for their business. 

Accumold's quality output is driven by quality data available within the IQMS ERP end-to-end manufacturing solution.  Beginning with the engineering and design process through the lifecycle of the product, all revisions, documents, production, and performance data is available and "interlinked" in a single system that has become key to their growth.  Learn how IQMS supports Accumold's passion for quality with: 

  • Robust traceability, doc control and lot control
  • Availability of all required documents and data for ISO and customer audits with a single mouse click
  • Real-time shop floor access to most the up-to-date revision of production and design documents
  • Electronic record keeping
  • Quick inspections on the shop floor
  • Visual display of production requirements and performance to help track and manage daily schedules

Presenters: Aaron Johnson, Vice President of Marketing & Customer Strategy at Accumold, Louis Columbus, Marketing Principal, IQMS