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Motivational Manufacturing Monday: What Activities Drive You to Success?

Posted by George Korn on Mon, Apr 27, 2015 @ 01:07 PM

Motivational-Manufacturing-Mondays1-resized-600I am always looking for ways to motive myself as I try to be as successful as possible. When it comes to motivation, every person is different and what each individual does to be successful varies from background to career type and a thousand other things in between. 

Personally, I work out to alleviate stress and promote success. I feel as though the two go hand-in-hand for my daily life. Going running or cycling will instantly make me feel better and helps me put things into perspective. The sports I enjoy are ones where I am alone with my thoughts for periods of time so I can plan what I should do next and prioritize what is most important.

I can’t count the number of times I have left from a workout and within five minutes, I am back at my desk because something pops back it my head and I need to get it done. Besides the instant effect that working out has on my motivation, I have also found that the more I work out, the better success I have during my IQMS demonstrations and calls. 

While there are many other important things that contribute to success, such as relationships, family, career type and a hundred other fun things, those are on a larger scale. I am interested in what you do daily or weekly that helps drive you toward success. So let’s not drone on about me and what I do personally to help me professionally, I want to hear from you:

What little things need to happen in your personal life that help you be successful daily? Comment below!



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