Lessons Learned: Supply Chain Resiliency in the Face of Unplanned Events [On-Demand Webinar]

MPO Webinar: Supply Chain Resiliency in the face of unplanned events

While you cannot predict when the next disaster, crisis, or disruption will occur, with the right technology and procedures in place, you can weather the storm and come out stronger and more efficient at the end.

Such is the case for ISO 13485 certified medical contract manufacturer, MedBio. Like many medical device manufacturers, during COVID-19 they saw a huge spike in demand for their virus test kits  The challenge and complexity came with managing their supply chain and the increased demand with a remote workforce.

Sean Callaghan, President and Aric Emery, ERP and Supply Chain Manager at MedBio to learn how actionable insights and alerts from their manufacturing system allowed them to:

  • Quickly react and respond to the increased demand
  • Empower their remote workforce
  • Synchronize their supply chain
  • Identify delays and bottlenecks in their manufacturing process
  • Rearrange production schedule to meet delivery dates
  • Ensure timely reviews of CARs, CAPAs and compliance documentation

Guest Speakers: 

Sean Callaghan - President of MedBio Inc.
Aric Emery - ERP and Supply Chain Manager, MedBio Inc.