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Scanners and ERP: A Look at Some of the Common Considerations

Posted by Lee Filbert on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 09:12 AM

One of the most frequent questions we get asked in the IQMS Hardware Division is, "What scanner works with EnterpriseIQ?" 

Before answering that question, I would like to clarify the term "scanner." Most people refer to any device that is able to read a barcode as a scanner. That is true, but many of the scanners deployed in a warehousing operation are actually mobile computers with scanners built in. The scanner is just the imaging component on the front of the device that projects a line, dot or crosshatch to read the barcode. Think of it like your smartphone. Yeah, we call it a phone, but it is also a mobile computer, camera, navigation device, etc.

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IQMS Celebrates the Veterans Working in Our Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Nicole Smith on Tue, Nov 11, 2014 @ 08:55 AM

Today, Americans across the nation are celebrating the countless veterans who have served our country. And we are not alone. Veterans Day in the United States coincides with other holidays across the world, such as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, to mark the formal end of World War I on November 11, 1918.

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How Can IQMS Make the ERP Software Work Harder For You?

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Thu, Nov 06, 2014 @ 12:49 PM

I recently had the privilege of being a presenter at our 2014 User Group conference this past October. As I sat in the Grand Ballroom on Day 1, listening to our IQMS directors present their departments' achievements, I was impressed. However, once I heard the stories from our IQMS Manufacturing Success Award finalists, I was in awe. I was blown away by the humility and the ingenuity that our customers shared with all of us, and I felt very proud to serve our customer base.

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IQMS User Group 2014 - The Day 1 Experience

Posted by Nicole Smith on Tue, Oct 07, 2014 @ 10:16 PM

Hellllooooooo, Las Vegas! I have been waiting weeks for the arrival of User Group 2014 and finally, after two years in the making, it is here! And let me tell you, Day 1 did not disappoint - It was a whirlwind of networking, learning and fun. If you were unable to attend User Group 2014, let me give you a quick peek into what you missed today:

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5 Tips to Being a Better Buyer with EnterpriseIQ - Part II

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Thu, Oct 02, 2014 @ 09:09 AM

In Part I of this two-part series, I discussed three different tools available when using the EnterpriseIQ software to assist with the purchasing process

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your ERP Machine?

Posted by Lee Filbert on Thu, Sep 25, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

We at IQMS get the pleasure of dealing with manufacturing businesses on a daily basis. My whole career has been dedicated to the manufacturing industry and I have always enjoyed walking through a busy plant. Getting high utilization and maximum efficiencies out of constrained resources has been a lifelong goal of mine, regardless of what product is being produced.  

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Ditch Your Manual Filing System for Automatic Document Control

Posted by IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software on Thu, Sep 11, 2014 @ 08:35 AM

When we all started school as young children, we were given the same speech about keeping our binders nice and tidy. We all had to go to the local office supply store, buy the colorful subject dividers and begin the year on a good note by placing every piece of paper in its proper spot. But if anyone saw those same binders at the end of the year, they would see an exploding paper basket in place of the once neat and tidy Filofax.

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What Qualities Do You Look For in Your QA/Testing Department?

Posted by Tina Jolicoeur on Thu, Sep 04, 2014 @ 09:42 AM

I recently read an article written by the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner. His tone and opinion on the people he enjoys working with resonated with me. It got me to thinking about the qualities and traits of the ideal Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist. My observations come from working with some of the best QA Specialists in software.

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How Proper Label Controls Can Help Your Manufacturing Plant

Posted by Nicole Smith on Thu, Aug 21, 2014 @ 08:46 AM

I am fortunate to be able to call myself the Mom of a beautiful baby girl named Avery. Upon meeting her for the first time, many acquaintances compared her name to the label and office supply producer of the same moniker. Some even followed this parallel with a joke along the lines of: Well, that's a name that will "stick!" And even though I groaned at these jokes, they did later get me thinking about labels.

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Updated Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions for EnterpriseIQ

Posted by Jason Slater on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 09:12 AM

In the EnterpriseIQ customizable desktop dashboard, Smart Page, IQMS users can configure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow users to display a dashboard full of multiple charts. This analytics tool allows a user to quickly glance at the performance of the same user-defined metric without running reports that often take time to prepare and additional time to read. Many of our users display these KPIs in a slideshow on the shop floor to help their employees identify problems quickly. The KPIs paint a nice picture that is easy to understand, with visualize variation that may not be as evident in tabular spreadsheet or report form.

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